Deadline For Google's Women In Tech Grant Approaching

Google is offering to pay for all conference registration, in addition to 1,000 EUR to help cover travel costs for the 2013 Product Management Festival [ September 16-19 in Zurich, Switzerland ]. The deadline is August 12. Get applying if interested! Click here for more info.


There are so many wonderful product management organizations and events happening abroad. One of my personal favorite product management resources is the Mind The Product blog. I've had the opportunity to interact a bit with Mark Eriksson, a key contributor and co-founder of the group.

The content's real talk, usually realistic expectations get set and all are open to furthering any discussion in other platforms. The annual event in London gave a spotlight to so many unique and interesting concepts. I only expect the same at this year's event in London. If you want to check out more information about that event, click here.